Our Clients are Our Partners

Some of the world’s most respected universities, schools and institutions partner with GRSA for their student recruitment needs.

Our clients appreciate that for us, success is not about the numbers. It’s about bringing quality students on board. And we do this by carefully examining each partner’s goals, and aligning our strategic advice in accordance.

This is what stands us apart from the typical student recruitment agency.

Testimonials & Feedback

"GRSA helped us understand why we were missing out on having African students apply for our programs. They helped us tweak the curriculum, worked with us on our communication, and today we are pleased to see a positive shift in how our university is being perceived in Africa."

Mohsin Ramzan

York St John University, London Campus

"Every university has a unique admission protocol. For a student leaving Africa for the first time, this was overwhelming, and I nearly gave up. But then I got lucky and found GRSA. Their guidance sailed me through the course selection and application process."

Kendall Tiffany Kwarko

from Ghana
now a student of Brown University, USA

"I worried about prejudice, rejection, failure, until GRSA’s consultants addressed my apprehensions one at a time, and helped me overcome them. Thank you, GRSA, for your coaching!"

James McDonald

from Ghana
Now a student of Harvard University

"I consulted with GRSA, hoping for some advice on how to apply for admission abroad. Today, I am a proud student of Toronto University. AND, I have a full scholarship thanks to GRSA!"

Blessing Koomson

from Ghana
student of Toronto University

"By partnering with GRSA, we now consistently achieve our goal of bringing diversity and equal opportunity onto our campus."

Roosevelt Avi

International Coordinator
York St. John's

"What a feeling it is when you get accepted into the university that fits you just perfectly. Thank you, GRSA, for aligning my thoughts and helping me find my avenue."

Zaneta Otoo

from Ghana
Now a student of Yale University

"For us, it wasn’t about numbers. It was about finding those promising African students who deserved a chance to get on our campus. GRSA helped us achieve this goal."

An Educator's feedback to GRSA