Who We Are

GRSA’s team is made up of people bringing on board a variety of relevant qualifications and talents. We have among us, qualified and reputed student recruitment experts, career counsellors, developmental psychologists, anthropologists, investment bankers, management consultants and financial advisors.

What holds the team together is the shared belief that Quality Education alone can create lasting impact.

The GRSA team shares strong relationships with policymakers and authorities across Africa, lobbying them to bring a positive focus on the promotion of world-class education to African students.

Meet The GRSA Team

"Africa's potential lies untapped. We're here to be the bridge between African students and world-class educational establishments. Our success lies in a better world, one student at a time."

Benjamin Mensah


"For too long, and for a variety of reasons, African students have missed out on educational opportunities. GRSA enables universities to achieve success brought through deliberate inclusivity."

Kobby Fabbian


"Young students have tough choices to make. At GRSA, we enable each student to remain focused on their dreams. We support them in making sound choices backed by knowledge and reason."

Charlotte Tillbury


"Having been a foreign student myself, I know from experience what support one needs to settle, adapt, and feel inspired to excel."

Adolphine Ama Okata

Head of Operations

"I feel privileged to have the responsibility to help students gain the confidence and courage they need to go out there to a foreign university and apply for admission."

May-Britt Nanan Ekua Ocran

Student Liaison

"There's no greater purpose than impact. What's more than having a hand in changing the world for the better? At GRSA, we're in the business of doing just that, by enabling educators around the world and deserving students, to connect."

Kay Andersson

Growth Consultant