It is our vision to enable African Students to access world-class education. Our success lies in bridging the gaps between educational opportunities around the world, and deserving students.

Every African student’s recruitment into a quality program goes on to create a direct, positive impact. It not only raises the bar of skills and talent, but also nurtures entrepreneurs who will bring opportunities and jobs into Africa, to the benefit of local populations.

We partner with educators around the world in our shared commitment to deliver high-quality education, in equal measure, to all.

The result is the purpose that drives us: poverty alleviation.

Connect With Us:

  • Are you an Educator who shares these values, and wants to achieve your Diversity & Inclusivity Goals?
  • Are you a student who would like to access quality education abroad?
  • Are you an Explorer who would like GRSA to help you discover Africa’s immense potential?
  • Would you like to join us in achieving our vision?