Services & Support to Students

GRSA offers a platform to African students who aspire to study abroad. Who wish to access world-class opportunity. We help them navigate to the right path, discover and access funding or scholarships, and leverage advantages and privileges they may be entitled to.

Every student receives individual coaching from GRSA’s counsellors, to ensure they find a program and an educational campus that fits their aspirations and interests. We also support them with the practicalities of relocation, and the process of settling in. Throughout their student tenure, we lookout for them, with dedicated student liaison officers and local guardians ensuring they are emotionally and physically enabled to succeed.

Every student receives custom-tailored advice and support from GRSA.

True to our mission of changing the world, one student at a time, we work with each student to identify their inspiration, their need and their barriers. And then we create an offering specifically fitting that particular student.

Students looking to study abroad are advised personally by our expert counsellors, on all topics that are of interest to them, including the ones listed below:

Application & Admission Support

Turn to us to help you with your application process, supporting you as you enlist for admission into universities and boarding schools abroad. Our team of student counsellors and administrators is adept and well informed of the latest updates within the applications processes of all our partner universities, and guides students through what can otherwise seem like an overwhelming amount of paperwork.

Career Counselling & Course Selection Advisory

We have earned the reputation of being the most comprehensive career consultancy in Africa. Our career counsellors are certified professional experts who are skilled in guiding students to make career choices and directing them to the appropriate educational paths. We throw light on a wide range of career choices for every student to consider and map their choices or interests against the host of courses offered by our partner universities.

We are constantly in touch with the universities we represent and are updated about the variety of courses and programs they offer. This helps us guide students in making the right decisions when it comes to choosing the course of study which best fits their interests and career goals.

Student Consultation for Quotas & Policies

Many educational institutions around the world have adopted policies that seek to increase diversity and inclusion in their student recruitment process. GRSA is constantly kept informed by our partner universities on policies they develop or adopt so that we can make them known to students in Africa. We also advise students who may be eligible for quotas or grants, on a case-to-case basis, through one-on-one consultation.

Student Consultation for Funding, Loans & Scholarships

Through one-on-one consultation, we support students who are looking for ways in which they can cover expenses for their studies abroad. We help them understand the workings of scholarships, grants, fellowships, financial aid and other forms of student funding and help them determine what their eligibility might be. Our counsellors and administrators hand-hold students through the process of applying for financial support.

Cultural Training (Pre-Departure or Post-Arrival)

For students going abroad from Africa, as well as educators receiving students from Africa onto their campuses, we offer one-on-one Cultural Sensitisation programs. Our programs help emotionally and mentally prepare students to be able to cope with and adapt to the culture of the foreign country in which they will be studying. By offering perspective, GRSA’s programs help students introspect and gain a deeper understanding of their own selves, and how they may be viewed by third parties. This helps them be more sensitive, reflective and better prepared in multi-culture group settings.

Travel Arrangement (Tickets, Visas, Forex, Transport, Accommodation, Local Guardianship)

Every country functions differently, and arriving on foreign land can be overwhelming to students. Our travel and arrival experts support students by arranging all aspects of departure and arrival including tickets, visas, local transport, temporary and long term accommodation, a local guide, guardian, and more. We consult with students one-on-one to understand exactly what they need and extend our support accordingly. Our team of visa facilitators works with students and their families to ensure the visa application process is made easy and hassle-free. Our support, which comes with extensive experience and knowledge of the process, helps increase the possibility of visas being approved on the first attempt.

On-Campus Employment, Internships & Jobs for Freshers

While you’re busy focusing on your studies, we help you find relevant part-time jobs (on or off campus) that not only help you to offset some of your student expenses, but also add to your portfolio of relevant experience. For students who graduate, our employment consultants work one-on-one, to start you off on your career journey by bringing you to your options and ensuring you make the right choices.

Study Tours

GRSA offers custom-tailored study tours for cohort groups as well as individuals. Our programs are carefully designed and curated to expose students to foreign cultures. Having an opportunity to travel early in life has immense benefits for one’s character. Young travellers broaden the horizons of their knowledge, while also learning to respect and delight in cultural differences and similarities. It also builds one’s self-confidence and comfort outside one’s comfort zone.

Coaching & Counselling

Being a student abroad can be overwhelming, and obstacles can come in the form of language barriers, culture gaps, differences in approach, or sometimes, personal (emotional) setbacks that may or may not be academic. Whatever the problem, our expert developmental counsellors and certified coaches give students who turn to us the support they need to overcome these obstacles and realign themselves for success.

Student Exchange Programs

GRSA organises student exchange programs between African schools and universities and educational establishments abroad. We carefully involve in every exchange program curation, to ensure it holds the promise of opening out a whole world of opportunity, for every student who signs up. Our exchange programs range from year-long exchanges to short term programs. Get in touch so we can discuss your options.


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