Discover Africa with GRSA

GRSA invites you to bring your cultural and academic curiosity to the fascinating continent of Africa. Gather inspiration from the rich heritage and art; experience the age-old formula that balances nature and humanity; understand the true meaning of impact through hands-on experience and on-ground education.

We organise exchange programs, exploratory visits, and local tours, working closely with anthropologists and travel experts to curate the best programs.

Exchange Programs

GRSA organises student and teacher exchange programs between African schools and universities and educational establishments abroad. We carefully involve in every exchange program curation, to ensure it holds the promise of opening out a whole world of opportunity, for every student or teacher who signs up. Our exchange programs range from year-long exchanges to short term programs. Get in touch so we can discuss your options.

Immersive Travel Experiences

We curate travel and guided tours across the African continent, personalised. As Daniel Noll beautifully articulates, ‘If travel does nothing else, it provides endless opportunities to observe and experience for ourselves that a place and its people can be so vastly different in person than we have been told by others.’

Volunteer / Intern at an NGO

There’s no greater teacher than experience. GRSA encourages those who looking for internships working in NGO’s, to choose Africa. There is a host of opportunity for life-changing, enlightening residencies, where you not only learn, but also create impact tangibly and visibly, as a volunteer or intern. We share deep relationships with NGO’s as well as policymakers, and this allows one’s ability to affect and influence policy at a foundation level. Our counsellors also guide you to choose the right internship to suit your interest, time availability, aptitude and commitment.

Explore Africa for CSR / Impact

For companies and individuals committed to creating sustainable impact through entrepreneurial initiatives, or looking to direct their CSR efforts to reap tangible results, we organise awareness programs, and on-ground, hands-on workshops, customised to interest and time availability. We couple this with organising visits to existing initiatives and focus areas. For companies or individuals committed to setting up their own CSR initiative, we offer support through the entire process, from concept to registration and launch.

Set up a Company in Africa

Africa presents a wealth of opportunity for international companies wishing to grow their economic footprint. However, for a foreigner, navigating policies, systems and business culture in Africa can be challenging. GRSA’s team of financial and business experts supports businesses that are keen to establish in Africa. We know exactly how to navigate the process in Africa, and bring to our clients’ advantage the enabling support of local governments and policymakers.


Our Clients & Their Feedback

Mohsin Ramzan

York St John University, London Campus