GRSA Partners With World-Class Educational Establishments

We work in partnership with educational establishments that want to encourage bright, deserving African students, to apply for admission and come on board their campuses.

Every educator receives custom-tailored advice and support from GRSA.

Through carefully rolled out strategies, we enable our partners to ensure their courses get noticed by and suit the appetite of the African student. And in real-time, since students’ mindsets are fluid and changing fast with the times. Our partners also receive the support of governments and educational authorities in Africa to gain visibility, offer scholarships and funding to students, or even set up branches in Africa.


Our Services Described in Detail

Quality Student Selection & Recruitment

For us, student recruitment is not a numbers game. It’s about helping our partners identify top-quality students, and reach out to recruit them with clarity and focus. We are motivated by our firm belief that education alone creates progress, and investing an education into a promising student’s life leads to the creation of jobs and sustainable change. This mission is what drives us away from the agency model. We instead choose to offer ourselves as partners to educational establishments that share our core values.

Sharp Market Entry Into Africa

Many global educational institutions want to be the ones to offer growth platforms to Africans of tomorrow. They intend to attract African students to apply for their courses and come on board their campuses. However, Africa is complex, underscoring the need for experienced guidance in creating a strong market entry strategy for educators to attract the best talent and potential. GRSA offers strong and savvy market entry guidance to achieve this end.

Partner With African Governments & Policymakers

Turn to us to explore the possibility of partnering with African authorities to promote your educational institution, or to set up your campus in Africa. GRSA has unique strategic relationships with African government bodies, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the education system. This enables our partners to lobby the African government and forge innovative co-operations with them, which in turn boosts visibility through endorsements.

Education Events & Fairs: Host Or Attend

Organise your own, privately hosted education events focused on the African student market. Or partake in our invite-only fairs, available exclusively to our partners. The fairs are gateways to forging alliances with local colleges and feeder schools. They also help tap the interest of quality students. GRSA advises you on the strategic positioning of every event, to ensure it suits your unique needs and interests and the result is always to your advantage.

Program & Course Curation Support

Our partner universities gain real-time, real-world insights into what Africa’s smartest and most ambitious students are looking for. We advise our partners through data-driven insights about what’s on top of students’ minds, and we recommend very easy to incorporate tweaks in program formats, schedules and fee structures. Thus, our partners know exactly how to cater to the appetite of the African student.

Custom-Tailored Study Tours

We organise tours for academic groups such as teachers, researchers, or student cohorts. Our programs are customised to the interest and goals of each group, planned in detail to ensure it achieves the desired end, providing the optimal levels of learning through hands-on experience and first-hand insights. GRSA shares strong relationships with local educational authorities, local schools, colleges, and NGO’s. Our wide network of experts in matters of anthropological, historical, cultural and economic interest, enables our study tours to be enriching and life-changing, like no other.

Targeted Advertising And Marketing For Africa

Although English is the language used by media and advertising throughout Africa, communicating messages to targeted audiences of a certain genre is not that simple. What to say, where to say it, and when it’s best said: these are the questions GRSA helps you find answers for. Digital strategies, PR partnerships, print advertisements, noticeboards and billboards: we help you make the best of your visibility to gain traction and apt reaction.

Exchange Programs For Students And Teachers

GRSA organises student exchange programs between African schools and universities and educational establishments abroad. We carefully involve in the program curation to ensure it holds the promise of opening out a whole world of opportunity to every student or teacher who signs up. Our exchange programs range from short stints to year-long exchanges. Get in touch so we can discuss your options.

Inspirational Travel Across Africa

GRSA curates and delivers life-changing travel experiences, working closely with an allied network of historians, travel experts and social anthropologists. Our programs are highly personalised and cover every aspect of the fascinating continent of Africa. As Daniel Noll beautifully articulates, ‘If travel does nothing else, it provides endless opportunities to observe and experience for ourselves that a place and its people can be so vastly different in person than we have been told by others.’

Set Up Your Educational Campus In Africa

GRSA enables schools, universities and other educational institutions to set up their campuses or branches in Africa. We bring on board key strategic partnerships, validation from educational authorities, funding or loans from financial institutions, and privileges offered by local governments.

Cultural Sensitisation For Students & Teachers

For students going abroad from Africa, as well as educators receiving students from Africa onto their campuses, we offer one-on-one Cultural Sensitisation programs. Our programs help emotionally and mentally prepare students to be able to cope with and adapt to the culture of the country in which they will be studying. And for educators, a deeper understanding of the background of their foreign students helps build empathy and create a solution-oriented mindset.

On-Boarding, Coaching & Counselling For Students

Being a student abroad can be overwhelming, and obstacles can come in the form of language barriers, culture gaps, differences in approach, or sometimes, personal emotional setbacks that may or may not be academic. Whatever the problem, our expert developmental counsellors and certified coaches give students who turn to us the support they need to overcome these obstacles and realign themselves for success.

Funding, Scholarships & Loans For Students

Through one-on-one consultation, we support students who are looking for ways in which they can in search of cover expenses for their studies abroad. We help them understand the workings of scholarships, grants, fellowships, financial aid and other forms of student funding and help them determine what their eligibility might be. Our counsellors and administrators hand-hold students through the process of applying for financial support.


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