UK Boarding Schools - Open Day

Event by Global Reach Study Abroad

While educational institutions today by default declare positive Diversity & inclusivity policies, it is common knowledge that the pipeline of minority representation in schools and colleges, around the world, remains a challenge to keep at healthy levels.

GRSA’s core commitment is to discover and support educational educators around the world, in implementing the right policies and execution strategies, to achieve optimal levels of inclusion on campus.

This year, GRSA’s annual DIVERSITY & INCLUSION IN EDUCATION Conference, will be held on Nov 12, 2021 (Friday). Attended by invitation only by Schools and Universities that are strongly committed to D&I, and D&I expert advisors and implementors, student representatives of communities.

GRSA’s team of curriculum and policy advisors will also be on the moderating panel. The outcome of the conference is to gauge the global stance on D&I, and share ideas and insights on maximising the power and potential that lies in inclusive culture.


  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion in Education: core philosophy and purpose
  • Primary challenges in formulation of policies for D&I
  • Challenges in the implementation of D&I Policies
  • Sharing of a case study: success with D&I
  • “Do children see each other as diverse?” Question for boarding schools
  • Negative outcomes of poor D&I policy implementation
  • Conclusion & Q&A
  • To participate, sponsor or attend, contact:

To participate, sponsor or attend, contact:

Kay Andersson
GHANA: +233 59 380 4439 / UK: ‎+44 7765 488128 /

11 NOV 2021


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Online (Virtual) Conference